Village Hall Renovation Projects

These renovations ensure that Rainton Village Hall continues to be a valuable village facility which we can all be proud of.

July 2021

A big thank you to Brian and Les for building new access ramps at the village hall, improving access for disabled users.



March 2021

Wow, what a difference a fresh coat of paint makes! Painting of the main hall, corridor, kitchen and toilet areas is finished. 
Our new flooring has been laid in the main hall and kitchen. The new floor is modern, attractive and being hard wearing it offers extreme durability and low maintenance.
Both ceilings are now complete, with new replacement ceiling tiles installed in the smaller meeting room.
Coping stones to the front of the smaller meeting room and an area on the flat roof, that had been letting in water, have been re-pointed.

January – February 2021

We have been quietly working away in the village hall - it is getting very exciting seeing all the hard work coming together.  New internal joinery including decorative moulding, boxing in - to disguise pipes & new skirting board has been fitted to enhance the appearance of the hall.

New LED ceiling lights offering a better quality of light, lower energy consumption and a longer lifespan have been installed in the main hall. Our external signage has been illuminated on timer switches.

Committee members have been busy taking down tiles from the meeting room ceiling to replace damaged tiles in the main hall.

A huge “Thank You” to the Village Hall Committee Members and our volunteers who are working hard to bring the project to a conclusion.




9th November – 20th December 2020

We are extremely pleased with the construction of the newly laid floor in the main hall. The floor quickly dried allowing our project team to gain access to the area and continue work.

The main hall changed appearance in a matter of days as our project team fitted and skimmed the walls with plasterboard.

Thanks to the hard work of everyone involved, the hall has quickly gone from a room which belonged on a construction site, to a room which is almost ready for decorating.




7th November 2020 

Another busy week in the village hall as the different elements of our renovation project come together. The underfloor heating, new combi-boiler and new ring of electrical sockets have been installed.

The floor screed will be poured next week, it will then be left for another week – with the new underfloor heating slowly turned on, and the temperature gradually turned up to help the floor to dry.



24th - 31st October 2020

There's been a lot of activity in the hall, over the last 10 days, as our renovation project continues. 

Onto the hardcore base, a new concrete sub-floor has been laid. A mobile line pump with a long maneuverable hose was connected to the concrete truck & the concrete pumped into the village hall. The contractors got the job done quickly and with high quality.

Over the past week the concrete sub-floor was left to dry and today our project team have insulated the floor with high-performance insulation & laid another plastic membrane ready for the underfloor heating to be installed.

We are pleased to confirm that the renovation project remains on schedule and to budget.





17th October 2020

Hard work’ pays off! This week has seen our project team & volunteers’ wheelbarrow, spread & level 8 tons of crush & run into the village hall. Fueled by some delicious baking from our treasurer; Paula & thanks to everyone’s efforts the Visqueen damp proof membrane has been laid & the hall is now ready for the first screed of concrete which will be laid next weekend.



 4th October 2020

Our project team and volunteers have been working hard over the past 2 weekends digging out the hall concrete floor. The team have made excellent progress – the concrete floor has been broken up and successfully removed. Using a micro-digger we have dug down, and as you will see - we have a large amount of hardcore and rubble to move out.




26th September 2020

One of the major problems with the village hall is that the concrete plinth on which the floor lays is defective which has resulted in dampness, causing the flooring to lift. Breaking up a concrete slab may seem like an impossible do-it-yourself project - not for our volunteers! Wearing the appropriate safety gear, the working party used electric heavy-duty breakers to break the concrete slab into several smaller pieces – making it easier to remove and discard. 



19th September 2020

Building work continues at the village hall. A massive thanks to Brian who started work early this morning making good the stripped back bare walls. 



13th September 2020

Village Hall renovations continue - thank you to the working party who spent time removing rotten paneling in the hall, in preparation for lifting the floor.


13th August 2020

Refurbishment work continues in the hall. A small team of volunteers have stripped out the Chancel - removing the doors, the rotten Chancel floor and wall timbers. 





1st August 2020

With the agreement of the church, who rent us the hall on a 99 year full maintenance and management trust agreement, work has started to remove and replace the sub-floors in the main hall. 

This will resolve 4 major problems:

  • a crack through the concrete in the 1980’s extension that lets in damp and displaces flooring
  • a ridge in the floor
  • a degraded Victorian sub-floor in the old section of the hall
  • a rotten wooden floor in the Chancel





29th June 2020

Work has started today on the Village Hall roof to stop water ingress. The coping stones will be removed, joints cleaned, new flashing installed before the coping stones are reset. Weather dependent, the work is expected to take a week.
13th June 2020 - As part of our ongoing refurbishment programme, we've taken advantage of the village hall being closed to decorate the newly renovated meeting room.
30th May 2020 - The Village Hall management committee is indebted to the countless villagers who assist us throughout the year! Thank you to the volunteers who gave the small gates at the hall a lick of paint last week.
21st March 2020 - First impressions count. The Village Hall now has great kerb appeal thanks to the hard work of our volunteers.  The frontage of the hall has had a make-over. New signs put up, shrubs have been pruned back and the gravel refreshed.
7th March 2020 - Update on the refurbishment of the meeting room at the Village Hall. Walls have been plastered, pipes boxed in and skirting board fitted. The room is now ready for painting - just the colour to decide on!


February 2020 - The builder has removed the old wooden cupboards & children’s sink. The walls of the meeting room have been dry-lined with insulated plasterboard to help with draught proofing and to improve & reduce costs associated with heating the room.